A new feature from “Apple” for “iPhone” devices 2021 … to escape from “Corona”!


US reports revealed that the giant “Apple” company intends to make a fundamental update in the design of the new “iPhone” for the current year 2021, to escape from a crisis related to the emerging “Corona” virus, which causes “Covid-19” disease.And agency “Bloomberg” said that “Apple” is considering adding “a fingerprint reader from inside the screen and invisible” in the “iPhone” next.

She added that this feature the company began to think about implementing it early last year, especially with the widespread reliance at the present time on wearing face masks due to the emerging “Corona” virus, which greatly impeded the use of the “face print” feature, which was launched by “Apple” For the first time in an “iPhone X” phone.

And “Bloomberg” reported that “Apple” is still testing the technology of “fingerprint reader from within the screen” in order to include it this year.

The US agency also revealed in its report a shock, which is that the “Apple” company discussed removing the “Lightning” port from some “iPhone” models, in favor of wireless charging, after it removed the power charger from the box of its latest iPhone 12 that was announced. Last September, under the pretext of protecting the environment.

“Bloomberg” also mentioned that “Apple” began working on developing a foldable phone, and began designing prototypes for foldable screens, after many of its competitors launched phones of that design, such as “Samsung”, which introduced the “Galaxy Fold” phone, And Motorola.

Source: Sputnik


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