A Lebanese tragedy in Australia!


Aida Ibrahim Hamad, a Lebanese woman, drowned on the coast of Melbourne, Australia.Hamad, 45, has roots in Tripoli’s Baal Mohsen, a mother of four.

Hamad was not swimming when the accident happened. Rather, she was walking on rocks in an area near the beach with her 13-year-old daughter.

The President of the United Association for Social Services, Golda Zogheib, mourned the late Sheikh and members, and said in a statement: “The association mourns its dearest loss, with great sorrow and regretful distress for its youth, Public Relations Officer at the late Aida Hamad, who was betrayed by death. A flower and the warmth of love for all who knew it. “”This area is an area for high surfing, and when the waves hit the rocks, it is difficult for anyone to control themselves in the ocean,” said the head of the Lebanese Council in Melbourne, Michael Khairallah.

He added, “The news of Hamad’s death caused a state of sadness and shock among the Lebanese and Arab community.”

Police said: “One of the rescuers, aged 24, and another 48-year-old man jumped into the water in order to help the four people who were swept away by the waves.”


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