A Lebanese actress tells of the impact of her victory over cancer, and the public sympathizes with her looks!


The Lebanese actress Manal Mallat recounted the details of her journey with cancer and her victory over it.

Under the phrase “Today I close this door, leaving behind one of the most challenging chapters of my life. Today I can finally say that I crushed cancer,” Mallat wrote down her touching message that he brought: “I never thought that I would disclose this here, but I felt the need to Confronting him and accepting him, and I think I overcame him and it is finally over. “

She continued, saying, “I fought it in silence for a whole year. After the optic neuritis that made me partially lose my right vision, the diagnosis of lupus, sinus cancer followed by 3 surgeries and 30 radiotherapy sessions per day, not to mention the surreal performance of 2020 at all levels ..” … and yet I am still here, I am alive, I am cured, full and free. “

She added, “What did I learn from this experience?” I learned that life is a precious experience. Life is all about simple things and small pleasures. Every moment is important, so don’t take it for granted. “

She concluded: “I learned how a person can be strong. Regardless of the low stage that he may reach, and despite all the mental and physical pain, we continue and fight. And most importantly, I learned that life drops some angels on your way. I realized how lucky you were. And blessings. My family and friends are everything, and without them I would never have done that. They were my angels. “

She pointed out, “Today is a happy day, New Year’s Day for me. I proudly display my scars because they represent what I went through and most importantly what I overcame.”

And to every person who struggles, she told him, “To everyone who struggles, whether mentally or physically, I send you all my love and urge you to never give up, because life is worth it.”


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