A husband fired a bullet that penetrated his wife’s neck … and the marriage was annulled without compensation – Saudi Arabia News

A husband fired a bullet that penetrated his wife's neck ... and the marriage was annulled without compensation - Saudi Arabia News

The Personal Status Court in Jeddah annulled the marriage contract for a wife from her husband, because she was severely harmed by him and was even shot with a firearm.The ruling stipulated the annulment of the wife’s marriage to her husband without compensation, which makes her in a minor Baynunah and is not permissible for him except with a new contract and dowry.

The grieving wife who took refuge in the guesthouse in Jeddah; To escape from her husband’s behavior, she assured the court that her husband had told her on one occasion that he wanted to present her with a surprise, and after he lit candles in the bedroom, and put the cover on his wife claiming the coldness of the weather, she was surprised by a bullet fired at her from a firearm he was in possession that penetrated her neck from the back and left Front, and I was bleeding for 6 hours straight.

She added: My husband threatened me if I told the truth in the hospital that he would burn me with “fire water”, and the allegation asked me that the bullet was stray by mistake. However, the hospital informed the security authorities and the criminal investigations proved that the shooting was close and not stray, and the husband was arrested and convicted. He was shot, and he was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

The wife submitted the medical reports and a copy of the verdict supporting her case, and stated before the court that she had not filed her claim on the special right to the shooting incident. She lives under threat and is monitored by cameras hidden in the house, and her husband used to lock her up and prevent her from going out, as he pulled her mobile phone and separated her SIM from the service, and he closed the door to her when he left for work, and he kept intimidating her, which prompted her to flee to the guesthouse and from there she applied to court She requested the annulment of the marriage, as she ceased in the marriage contract affection, mercy and tranquility, and ended with the request to annul her marriage, indicating that her dowry was 25 thousand riyals, and she did not receive it, and concluded by saying that she lives in the guesthouse for shelter and her request is limited to ridding her of the hell in which she lives.

The court reviewed the medical reports and the verdict issued in the shooting incident, and decided to proceed with the case despite the husband not attending the court, nor his representative, with formally notifying him of the case and the hearing date, and concluded that the plaintiff’s marriage is annulled by her husband without financial compensation.

The legal advisor overseeing the implementation of the Takamul Initiative for Legal Aid, Manal Al-Harithi, explained that the wife who was shot by her husband contacted a charitable association and was transferred to a Takamul initiative to advocate for it free of charge, and stated that the wife has a special right in the case of shooting, as the ruling issued On her release with 6 months imprisonment, he was only entitled to common right. She added: The Takamul initiative deals with cases of personal, labor and medical status for those who are unable to bear the fees of attorneys, and the initiative succeeded in liberating a number of women, not the last of which is this case, and it was accepted by the ruling to annul a woman’s marriage after suffering 3 years of physical and psychological violence for a husband who used drugs, referring to the study of the case and the case desiring The assistance is then referred to a lawyer or a lawyer to initiate it before the courts.


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