A heart-breaking video … A living child under the rubble after a devastating earthquake – Miscellaneous


In touching video clips, a child appeared alive and trapped under the rubble of his home on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, after an earthquake struck, killing at least 26 people and injuring hundreds.

Dozens of buildings were damaged in the magnitude 6.2 earthquake, some of them demolished on top of residents. According to Sky News.

The child seemed unable to move as debris surrounded him on all sides, but fortunately his head was in a position to breathe.

In the video clip, which has become the talk of social media in Indonesia, a man talks to the child who brought him some water but was unable to get him out until the time of filming, according to the local newspaper, “Java Boss”.

The man’s voice can be heard asking the child: “What is your name?”, And the latter responds in a frightened tone: “Angel”, while the man asked him again for the name of another girl who does not appear in the video.

Angel said he and Catherine could breathe, but they were in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.

The newspaper did not mention the fate of the boy and the girl, but other reports said that the paramedics and residents tried to pull them out from under the rubble.

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency said that a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit the island, as panicked residents sought refuge in safer areas after several buildings were damaged.

The head of the Asian country’s meteorology and geophysics agency said strong aftershocks could follow the earthquake.

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck the same area hours earlier, Thursday, and damaged a number of homes.

The Disaster Mitigation Agency said that a series of earthquakes occurred during the past 24 hours, and caused at least 3 landslides and cut off the electricity supply.

Indonesia is located in an area of ​​seismic activity known as the Ring of Fire, and in 2018, thousands were killed by a devastating earthquake measuring 6.2 magnitude and triggered a tsunami in Palu, Sulawesi.



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