A famous artist attacks Adel Imam: He does not deserve to be a “leader” for this reason


Wed, 27-01-2021
09:43 AM

The famous comedian, Reda Hamed, returned to the attack on the great artist, Adel Imam, after he accused him of expelling him from the play “Body Guard”, indicating that he did not deserve the title of “leader.”
“Hamed” said that he appreciates Adel Imam and sees him as a great actor, but he stressed that what he narrated about him happened on the ground and was true.
He continued, explaining that “the leader”, which is the title of Adel Imam, which he is famous for, is not called a leader because of a play named by this name, but rather a person is called this title because of his concern for others, their guidance and raising their status.
Reda Hamed also launched an attack on the artistic community, indicating that “he is in the midst of interests and paralysis and does not appreciate the talented artist,” he said.
Hamid pointed out that he was working as an engineer, and he settled his pension two years ago, and although it is not large, he helps him to live in cover.
Reda Hamed had revealed the details of the leader Adel Imam’s expulsion of him from the “Body Guard” play, after participating in this theatrical work for nine years.
Reda Hamed said that Adel Imam made a sudden decision to expel him from the play, before the television version was recorded, despite the audience praising him, after the end of each show.
He said: “The nature of Adel Imam’s personality is that he does not want someone to illuminate more than him, and it is necessary for anyone with him to have less light in order to maintain his stardom.”

He added, “I was doing a different situation in the theater and being chaplain .. My presence was useful to him during this period,” explaining that he made a sudden decision to expel him before the recording of the play on television: “I said,” I don’t want someone on the tape to laugh more than me. “
Reda Hamed indicated that Adel Imam told him not to cooperate with him again in the cinema, after “The Birds of Darkness”, which was shown in 2002, when he told him: “Look how you are far from me,” even though he was participating in the “Body Guard” play at the time. Himself.

He confirmed that his role in “Body Gard” was not occupied by anyone after him: “Izzat Abu Auf told me an expression at that time very beautiful .. He told me you, Rida, after the play has ended, there remains a hole in it. I delete it completely, “pointing out that no artist has interfered with his crisis with Adel Imam:” The leader has his first and last word. ”


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