A drink prepared by a sorcerer who did not save a health minister from Corona – Covid-19


The Sri Lankan Minister of Health, Pavithra Waniarache, was subjected to harsh criticism for consuming and promoting a herbal drink prepared by a sorcerer as protecting against Covid-19, and despite this, Waniarache announced that she was infected with the new Corona virus..

Pavithra and Ianyarache entered self-quarantine, after being asked to do so.

Thousands of Sri Lankans gathered in long queues last month in Bandara village, northeast of the capital Colombo, to get a drink, days after Waniaracchi and several other government officials consumed the drink containing honey and nutmeg, and promoted its benefits in preventing coronavirus, according to Sky News Arabia“.

The drink maker said that he obtained the formula through his “spiritual power”, claiming that the Hindu goddess “Kali” appeared to him in the dream and gave him a prescription to save humanity from the Coronavirus..

On Friday, Sri Lanka agreed to use the “Oxford-AstraZeneca” vaccine to treat Covid-19 patients, amid warnings from doctors that frontline health workers should be vaccinated quickly to prevent the medical system from collapsing..

It is worth noting that Sri Lanka witnessed a new outbreak of the disease in October when two groups appeared, one concentrated in a garment factory, and the other in the main fish market in Colombo and its suburbs, and Sri Lanka has so far reported 52,964 cases of coronavirus infection, with 278 deaths resulting from the epidemic.



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