A disturbing statement from the director of “Moderna” about “Corona”


Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel warned that the Corona virus may remain “forever” and thus societies must live with it. Bansel’s views coincided with previous statements by public health officials and infectious disease experts, which indicated that there is a high probability that “Covid-19” will become an endemic disease.

Bancl said, in statements reported by the American “CNBC” station, that the emerging corona virus “will not disappear”, despite the development of his company and other companies effective vaccines against the virus. He added that health officials will have to constantly monitor new types of the virus so that scientists can produce vaccines to combat them.

Researchers in Ohio, USA, said, on Wednesday, that they discovered two different types of the virus that may have originated in the United States, noting that one of them quickly became the dominant strain in Columbus over a period of three weeks between late December and early January.


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