A brunette stole the spotlight at Biden’s inauguration … who is she?


In her yellow robe and hair wrapped in a red crown, Amanda Gorman stole the limelight during the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, when this young brown poet recited a poem she wrote calling for her citizens to unite, capturing her words and her performance on the drawers of the Capitol and viewers behind the screens.
Gorman, only 22 years old and from Los Angeles, recited from the stage a poem entitled “The Hill We Climb” “The Hill We Climb”, referring to “Capitol Hill,” the congressional headquarters that was stormed by a crowd of supporters of former President Donald Trump On January 6.
Just as the president did
The young woman captivated the audience with her calm voice and graceful movements, and her poem recited remarkable performance and high confidence, after she found in writing poetry a way to overcome the stutter that she suffered from in her childhood, just as Biden did when he was young.
In the beginning of her poem, the poet described herself as “a skinny black girl who can dream of becoming a president, only to find herself reciting a poem in front of a president.”
Best poetess
It is noteworthy that Morgan won her first poetry award when she was still 16 years old, and it was only 3 years ago that she won the “Best Young Poetess” award in the country, while studying sociology at the prestigious Harvard University.
According to American media, it was First Lady Jill Biden who suggested to the organizers the name Morgan after she attended one of her poetry readings.


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