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With important political events, twists and turns, we need official discourse that clarifies facts and positions and removes ambiguity and speculation. Whatever the endeavors of interested observers may be, it is not entirely reliable in the end. Official officials must come out to the public to put points on the letters and define official positions towards Issues at stake.Therefore, we needed a similar interview that Al Arabiya had conducted with His Highness the Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan last Friday evening to talk about important files at an important time. There were questions by some observers regarding them stemming from the importance of the Kingdom and its centrality in those files and the influence of its positions on its course and paths. We were looking forward, for example, to statements about developments in Saudi-American relations with the new democratic administration and what is being raised about it in sympathy for what happened in the Arab world during the two periods of Democratic President Obama’s rule, or disrupting the relative rapprochement that occurred with the Trump administration. We needed to know the official opinion regarding important regional files such as the Yemeni, Iraqi, Iranian, Turkish and Lebanese files, as well as the file of reconciliation with Qatar and its circumstances and some details that observers were eager to know about the Al-Ula agreement, as well as the file of Arab normalization with Israel, and other files in which the local, regional and international intertwine. .

It was a very useful interview, despite its short time, as the Foreign Minister was able, in a concise but elaborate, clear and direct diplomatic language to define the general orientation of Saudi policy towards these files, and its positions on them and their vision towards them. His Highness the Minister affirmed the calm and balanced nature of Saudi diplomacy, its wisdom and farsightedness, as well as adherence to its principles that it is keen to continue.

The interview was like a road map for Saudi policy directed to all those who want to know its nature and its orientations with what is happening now, and it is capable of answering many important questions, and perhaps it will be a guide for those who do not know well the nature of Saudi policy.

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