A 40-year-old picture belies the allegations of Omar Khorshid’s brother – thought and art – stars and celebrities


After the great controversy raised by Ihab Khorshid, brother of the late Egyptian artist Omar Khorshid, in which he referred to accepting the duty of condolence for the death of his brother, forty years after his departure. The Egyptian newspaper “Al Youm Al Sabea” published pictures from the funeral of the late artist to contradict his allegations.

The Egyptian newspaper said that a great condolence was given upon the death of Omar Khorshid and was attended by a large constellation of art stars and his sister Sherihan and his mother, while Ihab Khorshid’s statements were not based on evidence besides the condemnation of one of the figures in the killing of Omar Khorshid, which indicates bad faith and media confusion, nothing more.

The story goes back to 1981, when the musician Omar Khorshid had a terrible car accident at the end of Al Haram Street next to Minahouse and in front of Khristo Restaurant after he finished his work in a major hotel, and he was accompanied by his Lebanese wife Dina, and he was subjected to a chase that ended with Omar Khorshid’s car crashing into the lamppost, where he died Then.

Ihab Khorshid had published, through his Facebook account, two posts since the death of Safwat al-Sharif, the first, on January 14, immediately after the death of the former Minister of Information. “Celebrations of the Khorshid Family, Re-publication celebrating the death of Safwat al-Sharif”.

As for the second pamphlet, he publicly hinted at the killing of the sheriff of his brother, when he indicated that he would now receive condolences for his brother, who died in 1981 and after about 40 years.



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