A 1000 riyals fine .. “passports” shocked all expatriates


Riyadh (Echo):

The General Directorate of Passports explained that in the event that the exit visa expires without leaving the beneficiary, a fine of 1,000 riyals is required, and this came in response to the inquiries of the beneficiaries.

“Passports” added: “In the event that the visa expires without the beneficiary leaving, a fine of 1,000 riyals is required to be able to cancel the visa, and the validity of a resident’s identity is required to be able to complete the procedure.”

The amendments to the labor system stipulated that companies are not obligated to pay and issue exit and return fees, but they are borne by the expatriate worker.

It is noteworthy that the amendments to the work system included raising the wage of the working woman on maternity leave for a period of 14 weeks instead of 10 weeks, in addition to the fact that the weekly leave will be two days if the worker is working 8 hours.


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