8 psychological diseases threatening young people .. How do you protect yourself?


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8 mental illnesses threatening youth … How do you protect yourself ?, Today, Friday January 22, 2021 12:04 pm

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

With the increasing reliance on electronic devices, most people have become accustomed to the method of communicating via messages or video calls, but, over a period of time, some people have become depressed and others. In the report, we review 8 psychological diseases that young people are exposed to today, according to what was reported by “Medlife”.

1- Anxiety:

It is a feeling of fear of assuming something may happen, this is a very common thing that everyone goes through, but it also depends on the situation that makes you afraid, and although it is a common thing, it can turn into a phobia, which is an intense fear of something that may happen in the future.

So if you feel that your concerns have developed for more than 6 months and that you are unable to deal with any of them, you may have an anxiety disorder and will need medical help.

2- bipolar disorder:

A mental illness characterized by tremendous changes in your mood, which is similar to mood swings, and one of the prominent symptoms of a person with bipolar disorder is that the person may have different personalities that can lead to mania, and individuals suffering from such a disease are said to have seizures of the disorder. Suddenly bipolar and bouts of depression, and a person with this disease will have trouble communicating normally in society.

3- Dementia:

It is a chronic condition in which all other symptoms can affect your memory, thus affecting the way you socialize and think about society, and it has many external influences that affect the way you go about your daily life.

Adolescents are susceptible to this mental illness for many reasons, however, one of the most obvious symptoms of dementia is memory loss, but this does not mean that if you suffer from memory loss, you suffer from dementia, and therefore, dementia can occur due to drug use and disease. Alzheimer’s and other health conditions such as HIV and Parkinson’s disease.

4- depression:

This is something most people encounter as a result of the surrounding factors that make them appear very depressed and sad most of the time. Severe forms of depression lead to suicidal thinking, however, most teens are vulnerable to depression due to technology and other stressors, which is why this is considered a serious mood disorder. It can lead to an imbalance in the way a person perceives various events occurring in their life, and it may take a doctor about two weeks to diagnose a person with depression.

5- Schizophrenia:

This is a mental illness so serious that 23 million people all over the world suffer from it, however, today’s youth have great opportunities to develop this mental problem due to some factors that can lead to outbreaks, such as smoking and drug use. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental condition that affects Basically, it depends on the way a person thinks, acts, and feels in society.In other words, a person with schizophrenia may feel as if they have lost touch with reality, and people with this disease find that mixing with people is very difficult.

6- panic disorder:

Panic disorder is a form of anxiety disorder that is defined as an intense fear of situations or places, and thus individuals with this type of severe anxiety may experience a sudden fear of anything that surrounds them, and the individual may also keep the fear inside and preoccupy with it.

7- Eating disorders:

If you are angry and start eating aggressively because of your anger, you may be suffering from an eating disorder or known medically as bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating, and this also leads to other mental illnesses such as depression and issues related to anxiety, and in fact, they can be disorders. Eating is life-threatening if left untreated, and this usually affects most teenage girls, and some of the symptoms of an eating disorder include:

Consuming less food.

In severe cases, overeating.

Depression often.

Lack of self-confidence.

8- Personality disorder:

Personality disorders refer to persistent mood changes that can be very dangerous to the person who suffers as well as society, and these mood changes differ from one individual to another based on their degree or severity, and adolescents today are more prone to personality disorders during their childhood and as a result, they tend to lose Confidence in themselves.Some symptoms of personality disorder include a change in appetite, suicidal thoughts, and fatigue.

The “mentalhealth” site provides a set of tips to prevent young people from contracting these diseases:

Enjoy good physical health, eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise.

– Get along with family members and interact well with family members most of the time.

Ensure that young people participate in activities with their colleagues.

Feeling loved, trusted, understood, valued, and secure with others.

Interest in life and looking for opportunities to prove themselves.

Ensure that you feel optimistic all the time and avoid pessimism and negative thinking.

Feeling that they have some control over their own lives.

Having the strength to adapt when something is wrong and the ability to solve problems.

You can seek professional help from a psychiatrist to help you explore your feelings and behavior.


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