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Marketing, content marketing content occupies its position as one of the most powerful emerging trends in e-marketing, and the interest of marketing experts, businessmen and small entrepreneurs is increasing day by day in the way their business appears in virtual reality, which is imposing new marketing and promotional policies, one of these policies is content marketing. Content marketing is an important place among the types of e-marketing, and Barry may conclude …

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Content marketing has become one of the most powerful emerging trends in e-marketing, and the interest of marketing experts, businessmen and small business owners is increasing day by day in the way their business appears in virtual reality, which imposes new marketing and promotional policies, and one of these policies is content marketing.

Content marketing has an important place among the types of e-marketing, and Barry Feldman of KISSmetrics may conclude the importance of content marketing in his following statement:

“Content marketing has taken off and continues to thrive for one very simple reason: Because it’s what people want, they don’t want annoying banners, live ads, and popups. They don’t want unrelated messages and products, and they don’t want spam to fill their inbox. They want high-quality, useful, relevant and fun content about the things that matter to them. ”

There is no secret of the importance of e-marketing in the success of any commercial enterprise, in this article we will review important aspects of content marketing, starting from introducing it to identifying its most important benefits and features.

What is content marketing?

know him Content Marketing Institute (Content Marketing Institute (CMI:

“An approach to strategic marketing that focuses on creating and disseminating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and maintain a clearly defined audience, which ultimately drives them to make purchasing decisions. Instead of directly marketing your products or services, you provide useful and relevant content to your customers and potential customers, to help them solve their problems.

We can say that content marketing is a method of publishing content that does not focus on sales directly, but rather on showing interest in the audience and solving their problems or enriching their information, rather than content that focuses only on the sale process by directly targeted ads. AndThis type of marketing is used largely by successful global companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM (IBM) globally, and we find many local experiences that show the importance and role of content marketing.

Why content marketing?

Content marketing is an important investment that is no less important than other marketing techniques, if not overrun in importance. It is an effective way to maintain, increase and benefit from your customer network in marketing to you, all of this at low costs and not compared to paid campaigns, which often have a temporary and immediate effect.

A report states that 80% of customers expect companies to provide distinctive content in their field, and any business or company that does not have content on the Internet gives potential customers a revival by its absence or discontinuation.

Some of the reasons why content marketing is an important marketing method:

1- Building bridges of trust with clients and improving the project’s reputation

The relationship between customer trust and content is a positive relationship, so the more innovative marketing content for your project, the greater their confidence in the service or product provided. Also, providing valuable and useful content without taking clear or direct compensation. This will definitely improve your brand’s reputation, and increase the ability of customers to trust the quality of your products or services and accept your advice and recommendations.

2- Increase the target audience and ensure a long-term relationship with customers

Content marketing contributes to building a good and important relationship with your customers, so being close to them answers their questions, interacts with them, and enriches their information, this undoubtedly contributes to spreading awareness about your company and its importance in its field. Content marketing is not only important to attract new customers but it is also important in maintaining your existing customers, and ensuring that they remain loyal to you. Spread Consistently good content is an effective way to stay in touch with your existing customers, keep your presence in mind, and give them more opportunities to share your content and products with others.

3- Marketing with lower costs

Content marketing is the least expensive option in marketing, remember some Reports Its cost is 62% lower than traditional marketing methods, so focusing on it saves you a lot of unnecessary marketing expenses. For example: When you gain customer loyalty for your brand, they are more likely to recommend it to others (word of mouth) and it is also possible to gain a new audience through the stories you provide through your customers’ reviews. In this way, you reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

4- Spread awareness about your products

Engaging content helps customers connect with you and gives them the information they need to make an informed purchase decision Indicate Statistical numbers indicate that 70% of customers prefer to learn about a company or product through an article than through advertisements!

5- Ensure greater visibility on search engines

Technically speaking, search engines increase the chance of valuable and high-quality content appearing, making it easier for new customers to reach you. Improving your visibility in search engines is very important because it simply brings you high traffic rates. And it contributes to publicizing your business more broadly. Being on the first page of the search engine is very important, as statistics indicate that 95% of people only see the first page of search results on search engines.

6- Your chance to reach

Content marketing is your appropriate way to reach your customers indirectly, and to stand out from your competitors by creating value and effective and attractive content. Content marketing creates a big gap between companies that care about it and companies that do not pay attention to it, and companies that focus on content marketing seize greater proportions of customer attraction and greater rates of reach.

7- Providing marketing messages in innovative ways

Content marketing today allows many, many and open means to create content marketing experts, marketers, writers, and designers, and the efforts of the marketing teams join forces to show behind them an unprecedented diversity in indirect promotion methods and in the emergence of a boom in content enrichment, companies and various marketing agencies are competing today to prove the distinction and difference of their vision and method In advertising and communication.

8- Marketing recyclable or not out of date!

Marketing through content is characterized as a timeless marketing, as customers always benefit from the content published on blogs and websites for a very long period of time beyond even the expectations of marketers and customers. Articles, videos, and various educational materials gain constant views and interaction from other types of content.

Local experiences for content marketing

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the largest number of Internet users and the e-commerce numbers reach very large numbers, reaching 80 billion riyals, which makes this electronic marketing in general very active and, accordingly, we find the adoption of large and clear content marketing policies adopted by the largest companies heading to the Saudi market And it uses local marketing agencies to reach the need and desire of the Saudi customer and consumer.

Companies are spending their marketing budgets in adopting content marketing policies, and we hardly find a company or a leading entity that has adopted content marketing in its marketing policy through targeted ads, awareness messages and enriching content on the Internet in its various channels. Cite as an example a company Fell She is active in the field of e-commerce, where we can clearly see her interest in this type of marketing through her interest in blogging on her website and her interest in enriching followers with information about e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

At the conclusion of this article, content marketing today is a field that expands and has multiple mechanisms and methods of application, and there is a need in every company and project for a comprehensive and appropriate content marketing policy to keep pace with the change in the field of marketing on the Internet, which makes us urge the owners of projects and those interested in continuous knowledge of the new in this field and adopting policies that help them To grow and achieve their goals.

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