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Can cause Bloating Belching, gases, gas pains, feelings of embarrassment and discomfort. Belching occurs as a result of swallowing air or breaking up food during the digestive process. You may feel gases and gas pains from time to time or repeatedly in one day.

You can treat episodes of belching and flatulence using many natural methods. Here are 7 natural methods that will help you stop them with ease.


Ginger It is one of the well-known ingredients that help treat digestive problems as well as prevent stomach acid, and ginger can work in an effective and fast way for burping, you can eat a small bite of fresh ginger or even take ginger powder before eating.

2021-01-ginger2017-health-tips And there, another healthy and beneficial way is to take hot ginger tea to get rid of and even prevent burping attacks.

Cumin or fennel seeds

This home remedy for belching mostly works if the cause of it is acid reflux issues.


Cumin or fennel seeds are often used to relieve gas problems, and chewing on these seeds can also help you get relief from burping bouts.


If you are experiencing burping attacks, you can squeeze a few drops of Lemon On your tongue and it will stop immediately.


In the long run, this natural method works effectively if you drink fresh lemon juice on a regular basis, as soon as you begin to burp.


This probiotic can be used to fight frequent burping, this will help control and prevent burping.


In addition to promoting DigestiveJust eating some yogurt every day, with or after your meal, helps digestion and stops burping.


You can also get rid of the embarrassment of burping by eating mint, just put a teaspoon of dried mint and put it in a cup of boiling water, wait for five minutes, and then eat it slowly.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea contains two very basic anti-inflammatory compounds, alpha-bisabolol and temazoline.


These two compounds help treat digestive problems, as well as deal with Gas problems Which is a major cause of burping.

Doing light exercise

Gentle exercise is one of the most effective methods. If the cause of the burping is gas or acidity, you can also try walking or exercising. Exercise Light in the house.


But remember that light physical activity should be done for digestion but not immediately after eating, wait a few minutes.


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