50 races in the marine sports calendar for the 2021 season


The Emirates Marine Sports Federation has adopted the unified schedule for the activities and events of the 2021 marine sports season in the country, which keeps pace with the directions and decisions of the new Board of Directors to amend the dates for the start of the sports season in January, and to conclude at the end of December of each year.
The schedule of events began in 2021 early with the beginning of the year through the activities that were held recently during the current month in all the beaches in the Emirates and successfully organized by the marine clubs, which are the Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yachting Club, the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club and the Dubai International Marine Sports Club, And Fujairah International Marine Sports Club, and Sharjah International Marine Sports Club.
The unified activities program of the Emirates Marine Sports Federation in the new season 2021, in coordination with the clubs, includes more than 50 different and different races and events in the different categories supervised by the federation, which number more than 20 different categories between sports and local heritage races, as well as modern events approved by the authorities and federations And international institutions around the world are practicing heavily in the Emirates.
Heritage marine races are taking the lion’s share in the maritime sports season thanks to the great support it finds from the wise leadership and officials in order to revive the past of the fathers and ancestors in the categories of ships and sailing boats of 60, 43 and 22 feet, local rowing boats 40 and 30 feet, and sailboats.
The program features many stations in the local 60-foot sailing championships, including the two major events in the current season: the 30-foot race of the Al-Qaffal long-distance race event from Sir Bu Nair Island to the beaches of Dubai next May and the Dalma Festival of local sailing bearings 60 feet The end of October and the beginning of next November.
It is expected that the marine sports season will witness the establishment of a number of international events, including three rounds within the competitions of the Emirates International Jetski Championship 2021, the first on February 6, next to be organized by the Dubai International Marine Sports Club, and the second and third on March 5 and December 18, which are next organized by Abu Dhabi Club International Marine Sports.
Modern marine sports is receiving great attention in the calendar of the Emirates Marine Sports Federation in the new season 2021, as a number of rounds of the UAE Powerboat Championship – Formula 4 will be held in its second consecutive season.
In addition to the categories of the Emirates International Championship 2021, water cycling enthusiasts and fans will enjoy many different competitions, including the rounds of the Emirates Jetski Marathon Championship, as well as the competitions of the UAE Championship for Flying Waterboards – Flyboard.
Among the recent games and sports that joined the calendar of the Emirates Marine Sports Federation after gaining international recognition are the sport of surfboards (motocurf), and boards for surfing (wickboard), in addition to the Abu Dhabi Remote Control Boats Championship.
The Emirates Marine Sports Federation has not neglected to install a calendar for fans of community activities that it supervises for the pioneers of fishing contests and tournaments of various kinds, especially the groups that love the quality of the widespread fish such as (kingfish and fish), as well as the kayak fishing tournaments and competitions and the women’s fishing championship.
Hariz Al-Murr Mohammed bin Hariz, president of the Emirates Marine Sports Federation, said at the start of the new season 2021: “We welcome everyone, including racers, owners and sailors, in a renewed and exciting season as usual every year,” stressing that “everyone in the family of marine sports faces great challenges in light of the conditions in the world. And the implications of the Corona-Covid-19 pandemic ».
He added: “We in the Emirates Federation and our partners from clubs and bodies are keen to implement all standards, and the slogan of the new season 2021 will be adherence to all precautionary measures and instructions issued by the responsible authorities, including the General Sports Authority and sports councils in each emirate in order to pass this stage and for safety everybody”.


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