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Doctors have identified five incentives for taking the Coronavirus vaccine, to limit the spread of virus infection and restore life to normal, the first of which is “protecting those with chronic diseases from the risk of infection”, the second is “protection from symptoms of the post-recovery stage of the virus”, and the third is “vaccine free.” In governmental and private hospitals, the fourth is the ability to travel abroad when taking the anti-virus vaccine in some countries, without the need for additional measures, and the fifth is “vaccination safety.”

The family medicine specialist at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Dr. Adel Sajwani, said that protection from the Corona virus through vaccination came after the death of two million people around the world, and the loss of many people to their relatives and friends at the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

He explained that everyone wished, a few months ago, to discover a vaccine for the Corona virus, and vaccines have become available in the country, and they protect against serious diseases, and subsequently from death.

He added that the elderly and people with chronic diseases, over 60 years old, people of determination and vulnerable groups must take the vaccine to protect them from the virus and its complications, especially the symptoms that may affect a person after recovery, as studies have shown that those who recover may continue to have symptoms of infection for a long time, including fatigue Chronic fatigue, loss of smell and taste, cough, shortness of breath, and fertility problems.

He pointed out that the state provided the vaccine for free for everyone in government and private hospitals.

He did not rule out requiring future travelers in some countries to obtain it before boarding the plane. Rather, the vaccine may be considered the main condition for travel during the coming period.

He stated that what is spread on social media about the risks and symptoms of the vaccine are rumors, stressing that “the vaccination is safe and does not negatively affect the DNA, fertility or the immune system.”

For his part, a specialist in pediatrics at Ajman Hospital, Dr. Tariq Al-Salama, indicated that the vaccine protects against all types of viruses. It also protects the population from the risk of transmitting the virus infection to the rest of society, spreads reassurance among the population, and contributes to the improvement of the psychological state of those suffering from the obsessive virus.

A sociologist at the University of Sharjah, Dr. Ahmed Al-Amoush, stated that “physical distancing has become a general culture, after people realized its importance for preserving their health, and society must have a culture of taking the anti-virus vaccine, as it is a first-class community protection program locally and internationally.”

He added that “spacing, wearing masks and using sterilizers protects against the virus temporarily, but the vaccine protects against it continuously,” pointing out that it has become an urgent social need for the continuation of life.

He stressed that the specialized studies showed that there are no risks from the vaccine, and that it is the only savior from the virus, calling on members of society to move from the stage of physical distancing to the stage of vaccination, to protect themselves and others.

Competent studies confirm that there are no risks from the vaccine, and that it is a savior from the virus.

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