5 letters from Mostafa Mohamed after leaving Zamalek


Mostafa Mohamed, the Egyptian Zamalek striker, sent several farewell messages after agreeing to loan him to Turkish club Galatasaray.

And Zamalek had agreed in an official statement (Thursday) to the professionalism of its promising striker in Galatasaray on loan for a season and a half for two million dollars, with the right to buy after that for 4 million dollars.

Mostafa Mohamed wrote through his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter” 4 messages to Zamalek fans, its players, its technical and administrative bodies and its board of directors, in addition to a fifth message to the masses of Egyptian football in general.

The player said: “First I thank the fans of Zamalek for the support and love that I found from you, and I hope that I will not anger any of you, and I was a reason for your joy at any moment in my presence in the club, and I will not forget your please after our Lord as I reached him, and God willing, I raise the name of Zamalek high. I will always follow your expectations. ”

Mustafa Mohamed bid farewell to Zamalek

He added: “Secondly, I thank the technical, medical and administrative staff for all the support and love that I found from you, and I wish you all success in what is coming. I also thank all the players who are considered the best in Egypt, and always raise the name of the club high, and all the support and tournaments for you and, God willing, you will be happy all.” Zamalek club fans. ”

He continued, “I am happy that I was one of you, and I thank you for your support always, and I also thank the board of directors of the Zamalek Club headed by Major General Imad Abdel Aziz, the best personality and honorable men, Captain Ibrahim Abdullah and all the council without exception for achieving my dream of professionalism, and I wish all the support from all Zamalek fans and all the fans of Egypt. “.


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