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I was at a dinner table in Seattle when he announced Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections in 2016 AD, the news was a shock to the American dinner company, as Hillary Clinton’s victory was almost certain and no one expected Trump to do it, after returning to the hotel, the nearby streets witnessed a gathering of protesters and acts of violence that did not stop Until the early morning hours!The next day, America woke up to the fact that Donald Trump had become the president of America, and at that time I was sad about Clinton’s loss, so Trump showed aggression towards Saudi Arabia in his election campaign, and his right-wing tendency was a source of concern, but in the end he showed a different performance and presented the Americans with a successful economic and security administration. For the first time in decades, America did not launch a foreign war. His only mistake was that he underestimated the seriousness of the Corona pandemic, and thought it was a passing storm, but it was a storm that ravaged all his economic achievements, and in the end, the economic situation on election night plays the first effect in the American voter’s vote!

This time, I mourn the loss of Trump, just as I mourned his victory 4 years ago. I am concerned that the Biden administration is a copy of the Obama administration that pursued a Middle Eastern policy that did not serve the interests of my country and deepened the region’s crises and allowed Iran to free itself from its restrictions and practiced a hostile policy that caused much destruction For the area!

But the truth is also that the Kingdom faced the Obama period stubbornly and succeeded in overcoming it, and it will do the same with any president of America, in the end it will defend its interests and impose the realism of the same interests on the policy of any American administration towards Saudi Arabia, a number that cannot be surpassed in many international files such as energy and security. And the stability of the region!

In my opinion, Biden will find that he faces a Middle East completely different from Obama’s Middle East, as Iran has fully revealed its danger, and Arab normalization with Israel will impose its impact on US policy towards the Arab countries, especially the Arab Gulf states, and there is a new player in the region, which is Russia!

In short, Biden’s presidency will pass just as the periods of all previous presidents have passed, and common interests remain a constant feature of US-Saudi relations!

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