4 ways to get rid of anxiety and depression caused by the outbreak of the Corona epidemic


The Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected our lives due to the stressful challenges that everyone faces due to the outbreak of this virus, so it is important to find ways to deal with negative feelings in a healthy way, as experts expected a “tsunami in mental illness” in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis in light of the swelling cases Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders, according to the websitetimesnownews“.


For his part, Dr. Shivangi Bawar, a consultant psychotherapist in Mumbai, India, advises to resort to online psychological counseling in order to take care of your mental health and without the need to visit your doctor in his clinic.

4 reasons to preserve your psychological state during the Corona pandemic online:

1- Stay in contact with your psychiatrist, there are many means of communication that can be used, such as video, phone calls, or e-mails to contact your psychiatrist if you do not want to go to the clinic for fear of infection with Corona, where you can choose the method of communication that you feel In it, the comfort of being in constant contact with your doctor for continuous support and dealing with daily stress more efficiently.

2- You can get treatment without the need to go down through the Internet and reach your home to avoid getting off and exposure to fears of contracting the virus, and you can also choose the best psychiatrist without worrying about the distance, as the Internet can facilitate everything and it is an inexpensive solution at all.

3- Communicating with a psychiatrist on the Internet will relieve you of embarrassment and preserve you complete confidentiality if you do not want to know anyone in your psychotherapy sessions, and you can discuss your own problems without feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed, especially since many people avoid consulting a doctor for fear of Knowing those around them.

4- Your problems will be solved correctly, so you should not go to a psychiatrist’s office to make sure you get the correct treatment, this can be achieved through an online consultation, you must rest assured that you will be provided with appropriate suggestions about your problems, so do not search for the causes of the symptoms you feel through Search engine Google Because it may be stressful for you, just take the medications prescribed by your doctor.


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