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In light of intensive precautionary measures to limit the spread of the “Covid-19” virus, the work team of the “350 Grams” series continues to film the work to catch up with the Ramadan season 2021, according to what the participants explained, stressing that what Abu Dhabi provides in terms of precautions and procedures for prevention and the provision of the vaccine to all workers In the series and series that are being filmed in the emirate, he was an important factor in the continuation of filming in an atmosphere of reassurance, at a time when other works of art were forced to stop filming for fear of the second wave of “Covid-19”.

The hero of the work, artist Abed Fahd, revealed that nearly 70% of the series has been completed, and it is expected that filming will be completed soon, praising the interest of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to provide all precautions that ensure the safety of everyone, and the continuation of work in an atmosphere of reassurance.

Noah and his heart

And about his role and the new that he adds to him, Fahd explained that he does not accept a role without introducing a new addition through it, pointing out during a media visit to the scenes of filming the series in Mohammed Bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi that the new in “350 grams” is his topic that raises many questions Through the story of a person who implants another person’s heart inside him, is his personality affected, how, does the heart have a memory or is it just a blood pump, through the personality of “Noah”, the lawyer who is assigned to many thorny issues that he deals with in his own way, and is exposed to a health problem that occurs as a result of it He implanted another person’s heart for him, and the events after that monitored the changes that occurred in his personality, considering that any similarity between the work story and global works, it is possible and legitimate.

Fahd attributed changing the title of the series from “Pulse” to “350 Grams”, that the drama is always looking for mystery and excitement, and when the name of the work is controversial and controversial, it greatly contributes to attracting the audience’s attention to it, pointing out that both names are linked to the heart, whether Pulse or 350 grams, which is its weight.

And about presenting a second part of the “magician”, Abed Fahd expressed his hope to present the second part, because a large segment of the public still wonders about it, stressing that the “damn” Corona virus was the reason for the work out of the way it came out, and its incomplete events.

new experience

Actress Karen Rizkallah, the heroine of the work, expressed her happiness to participate in “350 Grams”, which represents her first experience in presenting a joint Arab production “Pan Arab”, a step she wanted to take for some time, as well as in filming in the Emirates, adding : “Photographing the Emirates doubled my sense of difference from previous experiences. The atmosphere of work, the way of life, the method of photography, its locations, and even the weather is new and vastly different. The most prominent characteristic of this experience is the good organization and medical and health follow-up for everyone on the filming sites.

Karen indicated that she is not concerned about the comparison with the dualities presented by Abed Fahd in his previous works with Lebanese artists, pointing out that the performance in each work differs, “it is not necessarily better or worse, but it is different and has a new taste.”

Not a fantasy

The director of the work, director Mohamed Lotfy, described the performance between the two heroes of the series, the artists Salloum Haddad, who missed the meeting, and Abed Fahd, the match in acting, and is in the interest of work, expressing his happiness with the experience that represents the fourth cooperation between him and Fahd. He also indicated that choosing a name that bears a degree of ambiguity for the series came with the aim of prompting the viewer to ask questions, while events come to provide answers, and he denied that the work is a fantasy, and has a specificity by posing many social problems in the Arab world, pointing out that there are works of art remaining In the viewer’s memory because of their strange names, which also express their content.

Meanwhile, producer Iyad Al-Khazouz thanked the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Film Commission for the great support provided to the work team, and the creation of conditions to complete filming in a safe environment despite the difficult conditions the world is going through due to the “Covid-19” pandemic, explaining that so far there are initial agreements with A number of TV stations will be announced later, and he expressed his happiness to present a number of young and new faces at work.

Young artists Qassem Mansour, Grace Qabali, Mustafa Saadeddin and Khaled Najm expressed their happiness to participate in the series and stand before major artists, led by artist Salloum Haddad and artist Abed Fahd, which is a great responsibility and an important opportunity for them.

Abed Fahd:

“The work raises many questions through the story of someone who implants another person’s heart in him.”

Any similarity between the work story and a global business is possible and legitimate.

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