30 crucial days in Juventus’ domestic career


30 crucial days in Juventus’ domestic career

Cairo Middle Gate | Saturday 02 January 2021, 04:23 pm

Cristiano (AFP)

Juventus and coach Andrea Pirlo face crucial tests this January in their quest for the tenth title in a row in the Italian Football League, after a faltering start with which the defending champion last year ended their first 13 games sixth.

Juventus” is 10 points behind its traditional rivals, “ Milan”, the leader and the only one who has not lost so far in “ Serie A”, and by nine points behind the second representative of Milan, “ Inter” and three points behind the third “ Roma”. The old man »has a postponed match against his fifth guest, Napoli, one point ahead of him, according to what was reported by« AFP ».

Juventus” begins the new year and the return of the Kalcho competitions after a short break on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, with a relatively easy confrontation in front of the twelfth “ Udinese” in the fifteenth stage, followed by three strong and exciting matches against clubs from the top four, including two visits to Milan to confront its poles. Milan, next Wednesday, will be in stage 16 and “ Inter on January 17th in stage 18”, while “ Sassuolo” will host the fourth, next Sunday, in stage 17.

In total, “ Juventus” will play 8 matches in various competitions, including a confrontation against “ Genoa” in the price of the final price of the local cup competition on the current 13th, and another against “ Napoli” in the local Super Cup in its 20th, and the decisive confrontations of “ Juventus” will continue until the beginning of Next February, where he will host “ Roma” on the sixth of that and will be a guest at “ Napoli” one week later.

Despite grabbing the top of his group in the Champions League against the Spanish giants “ Barcelona”, “ Juventus” struggled a lot to find a consistent rhythm at the local level, where he achieved only six victories, and fell into a draw six times against one humiliating loss at home against “ Fiorentina With three goals in his last match last year, before the hiatus.

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