27 films in the two “Al Ain Cinema 3” competition – Fikr and Art – stars and celebrities

27 films in the two “Al Ain Cinema 3” competition - Fikr and Art - stars and celebrities

The -“Al Ain Film Festival” in its third session, which is being held under the patronage of Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, a member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, from January 23 to 27 this year, announced the selection of 27 films to participate in the Falcon Competitions for “Residents” and “Students” films. ».

The -films that will be shown in the Star Cinema in Wadi Mall in Al Ain on January 24, 25 and 26, have been chosen to compete with each other for the Falcon Award for the “ Residents” films, namely: “

The -Last Meal” by Indian director Sachin Augustin, and “

The -Wonderful Man” by Indian Royston Fernandes. And “A brunette on the road” by Egyptian Mahmoud Mahmoud, “Room 19C” by the Jordanian Laith Al-Ramahi, “Feng Shui” by Egyptian Muhammad Faraj, “Mirage” by Iraqi Jasim Abdullah Al-Tamimi, and “On the 27th of May of this year” by Egyptian Mustafa Murad, “10” by Egyptian Mohamed Samir, “ Elementary Brilliance” by American Liu Wong, and “ Ten” by Egyptian Yusef Friska.


In the “ Falcon for Student Films” competition, “ Al Ain Cinema” chose 17 films, which are a selection of films made by school students, namely: “ Photo Album” by Ali Larry, “A Child Within You” by Ahmed Muhammad Al-Mazem, and “ Space Tourism” by Hamad Al-Amiri, “Unexpected” by Sultan Abdullah and “Amal” by Noura Hamada, “A Higher Level” by Ahmed Al-Ali, “Making a Video Game” by Abdullah Obaid, “

The -Horror Machine Industry” by Amr Luqman, “Majbous” by Ahmed Al-Rumaithi, and “Thorub” By Sultan Khamis, “Space Leap” by Adnan Wajih Al-Ajmi, “Reehah My Father” by Fawzia Muhammad, “2020 Quarantine” by Fatima Jasim Flamerzi, “Patient 31” by Hazza Al-Mansouri, “My Private World” by Khadija Al-Yaqoubi, and “

The -Boxes by Omar Al-Taher, and “ Thorn” by Dana Al-Maraghi.


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