10 notable achievements that have cemented the UAE’s global leadership in air freight


Dubai: “The Gulf”
In the year 2020, Emirates SkyCargo has doubled its commitment as a reliable global partner for companies and societies in facing the devastating effects of the “Covid-19” pandemic on global industries and people’s lives, which has strengthened its leadership in the global air cargo industry.
Throughout the year, Emirates SkyCargo continued to transport basic commodities and products and connect vital commercial lines across continents through flexibility and innovative response to the unprecedented and rapidly changing conditions that prevailed in global markets.
The following are 10 notable achievements in which Emirates SkyCargo has shown its commitment and leadership in maintaining the continuity of global supply chains of basic commodities, including the transfer of “Covid-19” vaccines.
100 destinations in 100 days: When Emirates Airlines suspended passenger transport operations around the world in late March 2020 to counter the pandemic, Emirates SkyCargo lost a large percentage of global cargo capacity, and was only able to briefly access the network and operations of its 11 aircraft fleet. Boeing 777F Shipping. However, it quickly rebuilt its global operations, and within 100 days of March 25, 2020, it was able to reconnect 100 global destinations across six continents with weekly regular cargo flights.
Second, the use of passenger aircraft for cargo: In an unprecedented step, and in the face of extraordinary situations, in late March 2020, Emirates SkyCargo began using Emirates Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for cargo flights only, and loading 40-50 tons of cargo in cargo holders on each plane, It transported personal protective equipment, test kits and other essential products.
Third, loading onto seats and overhead lockers: In another historic step, Emirates SkyCargo began, in April 2020, loading personal protective equipment and other selected goods on the economy class seats and in the overhead lockers inside the economy class cabin on aircraft to accommodate larger quantities of essential cargo.
Fourth, economy class adjustment for cargo loading: To meet the huge global demand for personal protective equipment, medical supplies, food and other basic commodities, Emirates Airlines has modified 10 Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft at the Emirates Engineering Center in Dubai, by completely removing passenger seats from Economy Class. This results in providing up to 132 cubic meters of additional cargo capacity on each aircraft. These aircraft played a major role in providing connectivity between the production and consumption markets. Since June 2020, Emirates has converted a number of Boeing 777-300ERs to meet global demand for air cargo capacity.
Fifth, the A380s for cargo operations: Last October, Emirates SkyCargo began operating Airbus A380s to perform chartered cargo flights to meet customers’ demand for additional cargo capacity. The maiden A380 charter flight carried medical supplies from Seoul to Amsterdam via Dubai.
Sixth, a center dedicated to “Covid-19” vaccines: Realizing the scale of the logistical effort required to distribute the “Covid-19” vaccines around the world, Emirates Air Cargo began in August 2020 planning to establish infrastructure, capabilities and expertise to transport, store and distribute vaccines to the fullest extent. . In October 2020, the carrier announced that the largest air center in the world dedicated to “Covid-19” vaccines was ready at its cargo terminal in Dubai South, and that it had formed a rapid response team to deal with any requests to transport vaccines. Emirates SkyCargo has more than 15,000 square meters of storage and handling space for medicines and vaccines in Dubai, including its drug facilities at Dubai International Airport.
Seventh, the transfer of Pfizer-Biontech vaccines: Emirates SkyCargo achieved a historic achievement on December 22 by transferring the first batch of Pfizer-Biontech vaccines to the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Health Authority from Brussels on flight EK 182.
Eighth, Commitment to Humanitarian Issues: Emirates SkyCargo has continued its strong commitment to communities affected by humanitarian crises. During August 2020, it participated in the airlift initiative between Dubai and Lebanon by allocating shipping capacity for relief goods that were transported to Beirut. Emirates SkyCargo followed this up by signing a memorandum of understanding with the International Humanitarian City, the world’s largest humanitarian aid center based in Dubai, to work together in developing innovative logistical solutions for relief efforts in crises.
Ninth Hula Guadalajara: In September 2020, Emirates SkyCargo launched two cargo flights a week to Guadalajara, Mexico, adding a new destination that the airline had not previously served and creating more commercial opportunities.
The first tenth year «Emirates Delivers»: The e-commerce delivery platform «Emirates Delivers», developed by Emirates SkyCargo and available to UAE residents to shop from American websites, has completed its first year of operations successfully and adding a smile and joy to its customers who shop online.


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