Working from home near a pet promotes mental health


With the home work system returning in many countries amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, pets have become an integral part of the work space of many people who work from home. A new study showed that working from home near pets positively affects one’s mental health.

The study was conducted by psychologist Joe Hemmings, on about 700 people who own cats and work from home.
63% of the study participants said that their cats reduced their stress while working from home, while 53% said they felt less isolated while working from home thanks to the presence of their pets.
Psychologist Joe advised owners of pet cats to provide a suitable place for the cat to sit while working from home, such as a cardboard box or a warm bed, and to allow it to reach high places such as the work table, in addition to providing some toys to allow the cat to play and add a lively and fun atmosphere in the place .

Joe also believes that our pets are happier than ever because we work more from home, and are for long periods of time with them, which gives them more of a feeling of reassurance and strengthens their relationship with us.
Joe Hemmings indicated that the comfort caused by the presence of pets near us while working from home, reduces the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the bloodstream, and helps control anxiety and a sense of calm, according to what was reported by the British Mirror Online newspaper.


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