Watch “What did Rawan Bin Hussain do with her boyfriend during a hot dance floor!”


She raised the Kuwaiti fascist Rowan bin Hussein An argument among the pioneers of social networking sites, after it led Dance link On the songs of the Egyptian folk festivals, with one of her friends.

Rawan bin Hussein appeared in the video that she published on TikTok, and was monitored by “Watan”, wearing a black shirt open from above and wide pants, and dancing on the song “White O Black” of the “Cairokee” band, with her friend, who appeared in strange clothes similar to women’s clothes.

The tweeters ridiculed the appearance of her boyfriend, who suspected that he was a homosexual, and denounced her boldness, which increased after her divorce from the Libyan businessman. Youssef Al-Maqrif.

Also read: A fan suggested to Rawan bin Hussein to get naked in order to stimulate the minds of adults even more.

Rowan was previously exposed to an embarrassing situation after she became addicted to nudity and resorted to bold clothes, unlike her habit. When one of her followers asked her a question in which he said, “When will we see you on” onlyfans “to entertain adults with nude pictures?

So what was Rawan but the response by saying: “When will we see your mother doing it?”

Rawan bin Hussein also showed her femininity in bold clothes when she appeared in a video while she was standing in front of the mirror and removing her foot completely from her open dress to show a large part of her thigh. Then, she moves with the camera on her chest, showing clearly her underwear under her black silk dress.


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