Watch … the first pictures from inside the house where Maradona died, and the details of his last days


Al-Marsad newspaper: The Spanish newspaper “Marca” published photos of the house in which Argentine Diego Maradona spent his last moments before his death.

And Maradona stayed in a makeshift bedroom on the ground floor of the house, which is located in the San Andres neighborhood of Tigre, Argentina, containing a private bathroom, and the room was connected to a kitchenette, which is a place where noise is raised, among other things, that affect his ability to rest.

The newspaper said that there is no clear answer about how and why Maradona did not rent a better place, but his poor condition was another factor in the chain of errors that led Judge Orlando Diaz to change the title to “wrong death” after the investigation into the cause of death began, according to Russia Today.

The house had 4 rooms on the first floor, but Maradona couldn’t go up or down the stairs, so they put together a room with a double bed, a 32-inch TV, a portable toilet, a massage chair, and air conditioning.

At night, Maradona was completely alone and separated from those who slept at home, and of course there was no place for the nurses.

Although Maradona did not die as a result of discomfort at home, the San Isidro prosecutor’s office believes that the heart attack that ended his life could have been avoided if the conditions at home were better, and for this reason the investigation is continuing, according to the Spanish newspaper.


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