Video .. The globe is depositing 2020 with rare astronomical phenomena


The program “Good Morning Egypt”, broadcast on “The First Egyptian” channel, and on, showed a photo report entitled: “Earth Say goodbye to 2020 with rare astronomical phenomena. ”

Before the end of the year … Astronomical phenomena witnessed in the sky during 2020

The report clarified that 2020 is the year of astronomical phenomena par excellence, as it was revealed Astronomical calculations Conducted by National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research On the most important astronomical events in the planet’s sky, to bid farewell to the world in 2020 with a rare astronomical phenomenon.

During the current month, the world is witnessing on December 13 the phenomenon of the conjunction of the moon andVenus Which is the brightest planet in the solar system, and it can be seen towards the east before Sunrise In several minutes.

On the 13th and 14th of December, they will witness the occurrence of the twin meteor shower, which is Queen of meteor showersAnd many consider them the best showers throughout the year, as the number of meteors in them reaches 120 per hour in addition to their multicolor, in addition to the phenomenon of a total solar eclipse on December 14th.

The report indicated that there is a phenomenon that the moon completely obscures the disk of the sun, revealing its outer envelope known as the corona, and the world will see the phenomenon of the conjunction of the moon with Jupiter and Saturn on December 17, which is known as the great conjunction, and they can be observed gradually approaching each other.

The phenomenon of the Badr Al-Qamar will be completed on December 30, which is known as the Badr of the Long Nights or the Moon beyond Christmas, And the moon appears in it full to the viewer and the naked eye in the period between December 29 until next January 1, as the naked eye cannot distinguish the full rotation of the moon without devices, while the time of a full moon will be on December 30 and the luminosity of the moon reaches 100%.


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