Video..Large crowds take the body of the late Mohamed Abroun to his final resting place in Tetouan


Amid feelings of sadness and pain, among his friends and family, the body of the former player of Morocco’s Tetouan and Moroccan international, Mohamed Ibrahim, was buried today, Thursday, to his final resting place at the cemetery of Sidi Al-Mandhari.

A large number of his acquaintances and the fans of the Tetwani team participated in the funeral of Abharun’s body, who moved this morning to the cemetery despite the measures taken by the local authorities to prevent the mourners from arriving.

In the early hours of this morning, the body of the late player Mohamed Abhron, coming from Turkey, arrived at Mohammed V Airport and will be transferred for burial in his hometown of Tetouan.

A group of local pages of the city of Tetouan also reported that the burial will take place along with the afternoon prayers, amid tight security measures to avoid the gathering of lovers of the late, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

And he died yesterday at the age of 31, after a long struggle with cancer that kept him away from football fields for a long time due to his undergoing chemotherapy sessions.

It should be noted that the Royal Football League yesterday sponsored the expenses and procedures related to the transfer of Abhron’s body from Turkey to Morocco.


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