Updating “Google Maps” turns it into a community app that provides information


The specialized technical site “Engadget” published that the American company “Google” announced the launch of an update for the famous “Google Maps” application, which transforms it from a service application for geographical locations to a community application that provides information. Where the new application can display a summary of news and changes occurring in the community surrounding the user.
According to the site, the application will present the latest developments in the city and the political, economic, or service changes, such as changes in the opening times of restaurants or services, while this new feature in the “Google Maps” application will be located in the “Explore” icon.
The news feed on Google Maps will also contain the latest comments, photos and posts related to the person’s surrounding area.
And if you follow a store or restaurant soon, you will receive feed updates about the most prominent new offers that it offers, and so on.
According to the site, this new feature is currently being tested on a limited scale, but “Google” promised to provide it within days for all “Google Maps” users soon on “Android” and “iOS” devices.


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