UEFA is considering expanding the Champions League and increasing team matches


UEFA is considering expanding the Champions League and increasing team matches

Thursday – 18 Rabi Al Thani 1442 AH – 03 December 2020 AD Issue No. [

London: “Asharq Al-Awsat”

UEFA will discuss proposals this week to change the system of its first club competition for the Champions League, so that teams play at least ten first-round matches, according to media reports.
It is expected that the continental federation will start implementing the new system in 2024. This is in light of its fear that the clubs of the continent’s summit will resort to organizing the “Super League” tournament, which is still pushing for its establishment.
The British newspaper “The Times” stated that the “Swiss system” will be adopted in the competition, whereby all the 32 or 36 teams will participate in one league and face ten different clubs, in the most prominent indicators of reform in the world-famous club competition. After drawing the draw with the determination of group heads, each team plays five games at home and then five matches away from home, against clubs of different levels. The new system is designed for fewer marginal matches in groups and more between top clubs on the continent. After playing ten matches, the top 16 clubs in the standings qualify for the knockout round, and the clubs between the 17th and 24th places will enter the Europa League competition.
In the first knockout round, the leader faces the last sixteenth, and the second faces the fifteenth … in a somewhat similar system to the knockout rounds in the NBA.
Thirty-two teams are currently playing in the group stage, with four clubs in eight groups. The leaders and runners-up qualify to the round of 16 after playing 6 matches, while the third will move to the supplementary “Europa League” tournament. The Englishman David Gale, Vice President of the European Union, told the “Times” last week that his association was determined to maintain the qualification system for the competition through national competitions, even if the clubs reaching the semi-finals or the quarter-finals guaranteed qualification for the next continental version. Previous proposals that included distributing clubs to four groups of eight clubs each, were excluded, in order to ensure each team plays 14 matches.
Lars-Christer Olson, president of the European Leagues that covers 29 national championships, said the new proposals had a “more realistic” chance of getting consensus. But adding four matches in the first round will create more controversy over the health of the players given the busy match schedule.

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