Today’s news events Ahmed Badir responds to Mai Al-Aidan’s apology


today’s events – The veteran Egyptian artist, Ahmed Badir, responded to the mockery of the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, when she described him as “Al-Aqra”.

Ahmed Badir said in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” that he is not the one who will resolve the crisis.

Badir added, “I am too much to enter into an argument with this Kuwaiti media, but I am not the one who will settle the crisis, but rather the judiciary is the one who has the right in this matter.”

He explained, “There is no way for me to withdraw from the prosecution of Mai Al-Aidan in any case, and the court ruling will be satisfactory to me, whatever it is.”

The Kuwaiti media had apologized to the artist Ahmed Badir, and said that what she said was just a “joke.”

Al-Eidan continued, “I saw the artist Ahmed Badir agonizing over my statements, although I did not take the matter personally.”

She explained, “What I said has nothing to do with the case that Ahmed Bedir filed against me, but because I fear God.”

And she continued, “I apologize to you because I heard your voice while you were in pain, and returning to truth is a virtue, and I started the topic as a joke, and you took the topic differently, and I apologize to you for the Lord of the Worlds only, I do not want us to be opponents before the Lord of the Worlds, your right is on me if I hurt you. This is for fear of God only. ”

Ahmed Badir’s lawyer, Ashraf Abdel Aziz, said in a statement issued by his office, on Saturday: “The office of Professor Ashraf Abdulaziz, the lawyer, announces the cassation in his capacity as the lawyer of the able artist Ahmed Badir, that all legal measures are being taken against the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Eidan, as she It includes bullying, insulting and verbal abuse against the able artist Ahmed Bedir on her page on the social networking site Instagram, and most of the websites and social media pages have transmitted these words that represent bullying and insulting against the able artist Ahmed Badir.

The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, launched an attack on Ahmed Badir, after she shared a picture of him and his daughter Sarah through her account on the “Instagram” social networking site, and commented with her: “A picture of the artist Ahmed Badir’s daughter .. By God, Talaat, his daughter Mazza, bint Al-Aqra.”

The comment angered Sarah Ahmed Badir, who in turn responded to Mai Al-Eidan’s attack, and assured her that her father is a great star in the Arab world, and no one will allow her to speak about him half a word, and that he taught her to reject bullying in all its forms. (Sputnik)


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