Tim Hassan and Wafa Al-Kilani’s divorce … and the latter gave her 100 thousand dollars late!


Journalist Elie Bassil published a news story on his Instagram account in which he revealed the divorce of the Syrian star Tim Hassan and the journalist Wafa Al Kilani and wrote: First and exclusively, as usual: On November 15, Anu arrived specifically during the day at 11 am, the journalist Wafa Al Kilani was present at the National Bank – Alexandria branch in order to receive a thousand dollars as a financial transfer from Dubai.

And he continued: “God willing, this reporter looks” wrong “, my heart, and the betrayal of the saying, and he will make you cry until he“ accuses you ”and spurs you on your beautiful patience.! I prayed for two weeks, I was silent and put up with caution, to hear the zaytah, but its shape seemed to be an angry splash from me, so that we could be enlightened by its truth !! Farag.

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It is reported that the two married in May 2017.


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