The summary of the events of the series prestige Reply 4 Episode 24 and the expectations of Episode 25 The secret of Rania’s refusal to escape Prestige Reply 4


New and epic events of suspense and enthusiasm among the Arab audience with the start of the events of the series “Response 4 Episode 24 in its fourth edition, which bore the name of the response, as search indicators rose for the series on social media platforms and Google Trend, coinciding with its presentation on television channels, and the search for the events of the prestige series also began Response 4 Episode 25 to find out where things will turn out.

The prestige series Response 4 Episode 25

In the previous episodes of the prestige series, the fourth season, I witnessed many exciting and hot events between “Jabal” and “Rania”, after his love for Rania was publicly shown, and Rania was the other who began to respond to him and be attracted to him, and previous episodes witnessed Nimr Al-Saeed trying to distort the image of Jabal Sheikh Jabal described him to everyone as selling drugs to people in the town in which he resides. Indeed, the men of Jabal who work with him tried to defend him and respond to Nimr al-Saeed to improve the image of a mountain among the people, but Jabal prevented them from doing so.

The events of the prestigious series Response 4 Episode 24

The events of episode 24 of the prestige series 4 witnessed several strange and newer paradoxes, where Rania Omran was prevented from escaping from a mountain house living in a state of emotional confusion as a result of a marriage proposal from her cousin Jabal, and in another situation Nimr Al-Saeed kidnapped the Mukhtar and the Shayeb Captagon cook from his home and discovered Jabal Wujud Security cameras installed at the entrance to his house.

The prestige series

And as a matter of excitement, Nimr Al-Saeed minks a truck of the milk company owned by Jabal with highly explosive materials on the grounds that they carry narcotic substances. Shaheen insists on taking the load after his escort leaves in the middle of the road and explodes in the lands of prestige and jurud, resulting in the killing of a number of Abu Bushra’s men and saving Ali Shaheen escaped death by covering his body from the explosion. Both the mountain and the Sheikh of the mountain were miraculously escaped from death.


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