The star of ‘Juno’ is a transgender movie named Elliot Page


The star of “Juno”, who was nominated for an Oscar, announced that she is transgender and introduced herself as “Elliot Page” on a social media platform.

The Canadian-born actor, formerly known as Eileen Page, said he could not “describe how awesome the feeling that I am finally in love with what I have become to continue my normal life.” He wrote on Twitter: “I am happy that I am transgender.” Page also used the post to address the issue of discrimination against transgender people. The 33-year-old said, “The truth is that even though I am now overjoyed and knowing how much privilege I possess, I am also afraid. I am afraid of unwanted intrusion, hate, ridicule and violence.” He added, “To be clear, I am not trying to spoil a happy moment to celebrate, but I want to get the full picture, the statistics are amazing.” Addressing the transgender people, Paige said he would do everything he could to change this world for the better. And Paige, before he crossed sexually, had won international acclaim for starring in the 2007 movie “Juno”, in which he played a pregnant teenager. He has also participated in other major films including “Initiation” and “X-Men” series, while most recently he starred in a TV series called “Umbrella Academy” produced by Netflix.

Paige appeared as gay in 2014, when he told a Las Vegas audience: “I’m tired of hiding and I’m tired of lying by hiding.”

The actor, who is married to choreographer Emma Portner, has been a prominent advocate of gay rights. The actor was praised by many after he made the news last Tuesday. “Elliot Page gave us great characters on screen and was an outspoken advocate for all gays,” said Nick Adams, director of media at Glad, a transgender advocate. He added, “He will now be an inspiration for so many transsexuals … all transsexuals deserve a chance to be like us, and accept them, we are celebrating today the wonderful Elliott Page.” Netflix wrote a tweet in which it said: “Very proud of our superhero.”


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