The search for an heir to a man left a great fortune!


Last update: 18 – Dec – 2020 11:45 PM

The news of the death of a man in the United Kingdom sparked widespread controversy due to the great wealth he left and there is no heir until this moment.

In the United Kingdom, a search is underway for the family of a man who had a hidden fortune estimated at tens of thousands of pounds, but is believed to have died before receiving it, according to lawyers.

The man is called John Evans, which is a very popular name in the country, and given the presence of hundreds of men with the same name and died in the same area, the authorities are having difficulty identifying the heirs, according to the British newspaper “Mirror”.

The London-based law firm Green & Parish has invited any relatives of the “financially able” man to come forward after discovering that he has more than 200,000 pounds ($ 270,000).

The company found that

Mr Evans’s money is currently held in the archives department of the Supreme Court, and if the money is not claimed, it will remain there until that happens.
The company specializes in identifying unclaimed assets and then finding their receivables, and it said Evans was a client of Barclays and other financial and commercial institutions in the 1970s.

She explained that a Barclays branch was closed in 1980 and all records were subsequently destroyed, making it nearly impossible to track Evans’ data to date.
A company spokesperson said: “We looked at records of John Evans’ death in the Cardiff area, but as you can imagine, there are hundreds of John Evans who died in Cardiff. We do not have a middle name or maybe there was no middle name. ”

And he added, “All death certificates and wills give the addresses of the deceased’s homes, but there are no bank details, and therefore, it is impossible to link any person with the same name to this branch with certainty.”

Of course, not anyone who knows John Evans can claim the money, anyone who thinks he is the true owed of Mister Evans’ money should be able to prove this.


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