The result of the Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain match today in the UEFA Champions League


As a result of the Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain match today, in the matches of the fifth and penultimate round of Group H in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United succeeded in winning the last round of the tournament over Istanbul Basaksehir by four points against one, to top the group standings table with a score 9 points.

United suffered one defeat in the group stage against Basaksehir with a goal without response, and this indicates that the English team is presenting a distinct and strong level, and is determined to qualify for the next round.

The Red Devils clashed with Saint Germain at a very sensitive time for the two teams, as United want to win and there is no alternative to that, in order to approach the official qualification to the next round and settle matters without any complicated calculations due to a 3-point difference between him and the runner-up and the third, that is, if he stumbles in this The meeting may lose the lead and ignite the group.

On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain succeeded in defeating Leipzig with a goal to raise its tally to 6 points in second place, on par with the German national team.

Saint-Germain, the team that reached the Champions League final last season and lost to Bayern Munich 1-0, is suffering from the role of champions this season, but it will try to correct the situation and fight to return to the right. The road and achieving victory over United, to remain with great hope to reach the next round.

The confrontation between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain will start at exactly 22:45 Mecca Al-Mukarramah and 21:45 Cairo local time, which will be broadcast on BBC Sport 1. The meeting will be commented on by Muhammad Ali and Raouf Khalif.

We, in the Arab League, will publish a very special follow-up to you, the result of the Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain match today, Wednesday 02 / December / 2020, and we will cover all news related to this meeting, and we will publish the most important news of the two teams, as well as the squad for both teams.

The result of the Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain match is direct

And you can find out the result of the strong meeting between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, on your favorite sports website, Gul Al-Arab, and the video will be updated in case of stoppage, and if you face a problem, do not hesitate to write a comment below the article and the response will be immediately.

United failed to qualify against the French team and lost by three to one goal.

Manchester United leads the group with 9 points, while Paris Saint-Germain ranks second with 6 points, and is tied in third place with Leipzig.

The Manchester United match against Paris Saint-Germain will be broadcast live an hour before the match.

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