The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Friday, December 4, 2020


The price of the dollar in Sudan stabilized during early trading on Friday, in the parallel (black) market and the Central Bank.

The price of the dollar on the black exchange market remained at 270 pounds, according to local media.

In the Central Bank of Sudan and the banks operating in Sudan, the price of the dollar ranged between 55 pounds for purchase, and 55.27 pounds for sale.

The Sudanese government, headed by Abdullah Hamdok, confirms that a new price for the Sudanese pound will be determined based on exports and the general budget of Sudan during the new fiscal year.

Annual inflation in Sudan recorded record rates, as it reached 229.85% last October, compared to 212.29% in September, driven by food and transportation prices, according to the Sudanese Statistics Agency data.

Sudan’s foreign debt has reached $ 60 billion and is in urgent need of financial assistance to reorganize its economy.

And still high external debt and arrears owed by Sudan for a long time limit its access to external loans, including those from the International Monetary Fund.

Inflation hit 167 percent in August and the pound fell as the government printed money to subsidize bread, fuel and electricity.

The price of the euro and sterling

In the Central Bank of Sudan, the price of the euro rose to 66.66 pounds for purchase and 66.99 pounds for sale, while in the informal parallel market it recorded 315 pounds.

The price of the pound sterling in the Central Bank of Sudan rose to 73.62 pounds for purchase and 73.99 pounds for sale, and in the parallel market (black) it recorded 322 pounds.

Real, dirham and dinar

In the Sudanese Central Bank as well, the Saudi riyal exchange rate stabilized at 14.67 pounds for purchase, 14.74 pounds for sale.

The price of the Emirati dirham remained at 14.97 pounds for purchase and 15.04 pounds for sale.

While the Kuwaiti dinar price rose, recording 180.06 pounds for purchase and 180.96 pounds for sale.

On the black market, the price of the Saudi riyal recorded 71.80 pounds, while the price of the Emirati dirham reached 74 pounds, and the Kuwaiti dinar settled at 690 pounds.


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