The mental health of Muslims in Britain is under great pressure due to the Corona pandemic


The British newspaper “Eye”, in a report entitled “The mental health of Muslims in Britain is witnessing great pressures in the Corona pandemic”, stressed that “the epidemic has brought with it isolation from friends, families, prayer gatherings and community places, and that the impact of this is clear on mental health. “.

She explained that “research has shown that tension, anxiety and depression have increased among the population during the epidemic, with evidence that Muslims under normal circumstances suffer from higher levels of depression compared to the general population,” noting that “earlier this year, The British charity “Muslim Youth Helpline” launched an emergency call after it faced a wave of calls for help during the first national lockdown.

She pointed out that “with the advent of Ramadan in April and May and the two Eid celebrations in May and July during an increase in the rate of the outbreak of the epidemic, the current year has been difficult for Muslim families and communities,” noting that “what exacerbated the situation is the government’s decision to ease restrictions imposed during During the Christmas period, so that families can gather, and this is something that did not happen on the holidays of Muslims, Jews and Hindus this year.


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