The Israeli “deadly arrow” fails to spot a Hezbollah plane … and Al-Manar filmed what happened


Iman Bashir wrote in Al-Akhbar newspaper under the headline “Lethal Arrow” Fails to Detect Resistance Reconnaissance Aircraft: “On October 25, the Israeli enemy army began executing a massive five-day maneuver, which it called“ Lethal Arrow ”, simulating a multiple war The fronts, especially on the “northern front” with Lebanon and Syria, and among its main objectives is the “defeat of Hezbollah.” The maneuver was accompanied by an active movement of Israeli warplanes and helicopters. On the second day of the maneuver, which also included “preventing drones of any type and size. Who crossed the borders, ”and at the height of the enemy’s mobilization, a reconnaissance plane belonging to the resistance managed to penetrate the occupied Palestinian airspace over the Galilee region, before returning to its base in Lebanon without being detected by the Israeli army’s radars. Al-Akhbar learned that the“ Al-Manar ”channel would broadcast, In the final episode of the “Secrets of the Second Liberation” series, tomorrow evening, scenes taken by the Lebanese reconnaissance plane.


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