The former army command before the Military Court


A “broker” stood before the President of the Military Court, Brigadier General Munir Shehadeh, to confront the former General Security officer, Major Ahmed El-Gamal, that he had received $ 150,000 from him in exchange for ensuring the success of one of the applicants for officer exams at the War College. The “broker” determined the exact time and place, saying that he delivered the reported camel in a blue bag inside a military vehicle belonging to the General Security. He mentioned that the camel counted it in cash before leaving. A verbal scapegoat occurred between the officer and the broker and the families of the applicants to the Military College, before the Brigadier General Shehadeh interrupted their dispute with a direct question directed to Major Al-Gamal: Is it true that you received this amount from him? answer with yes or no! Dodge the sentences without providing a clear answer. Sometimes he spoke about his work as a consultant in public security in the office of the director general, and other times about his work with Minister Nihad Al-Machnouk, but without answering directly.

(Haitham Al-Mousawi)

The brigadier general surrounded him, obliging him to answer yes or no. However, the representative of the Public Prosecution Office, Judge Hani Helmy Al-Hajjar, entered the line, saying: Why don’t we bring the adults instead of holding the children accountable? Noting that Al-Hajjar was the judge who signed the “reading mainly” in this file, requesting that the defendants who were suspected of being involved and receiving bribes be charged, without further investigation, he or his colleague Alaa Al-Khatib, who issued the indictment. The two judges, Al-Hajjar and Al-Khatib, are affiliated with the Future Movement. Their lack of expansion in the investigation at the time was due to the fact that Al-Jamal was considered one of those affiliated with the Future Movement as well, in light of an effort to roll the file. Today, Al-Hajjar’s request to interrogate current and former senior officers is considered as a direction by the Future Movement to enlarge the file to protect the camel, the retired major who was contracted in Public Security during the era of Major General Abbas Ibrahim, based on a written request from the Ministry of Interior during the era of Minister Nihad Al-Machnouk. By removing the bank secrecy from his accounts, he showed that there were more than two million dollars in his account, as he used to deposit funds in the bank in payments of less than 9 thousand dollars, so that he would not be asked about the source of the money.
So, Judge Al-Hajjar requested in the session that took place last September to summon the security leaders, asking the President of the Military Court to record his request to summon each of the former army chief Jean Kahwaji and his office director Brigadier General Muhammad al-Husseini, former intelligence director Kamil Daher, former Republican Guard commander Wadih al-Ghafri and the head of the examining committee in The War College at the time, Fadi Abu Farraj, the General Director of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, and the head of the High Relief Commission, Major General Muhammad Khair. Judge al-Hajjar named the officers the names of the officers, seeking “sectarian balance.” On that day, the president of the court replied to the military attorney general that the court would study the request before answering. This coincided with the launch of a media campaign targeting the officers of the former military leadership, where the so-called “real estate wealth” was published for a number of them. Security sources attributed the leaking of this information to the Armed Forces Commander, Joseph Aoun, who was enthusiastic since the beginning of his term for this accountability, which was postponed according to a political settlement.

The judge who requested the summoning of Kahwagi and the others is affiliated with “Al-Mustaqbal”, who is also the main accused.

In the “war college scandal” file, the army commander left the matter to the chief judge, who informed the Military Prosecutor of his decision to approve the summons. However, the sources reveal that not all officers were informed of the summons to attend the session as witnesses. Al-Akhbar learned that Major General Ibrahim was among those who were not informed of the date of the session, but he knew about it, considering that the main detainee in the file was a retired officer who had contracted with General Security at the suggestion of the Minister of Interior at the time.
It should be noted that the war college scandal file came out into the open with the arrest of a retired General Security officer and six civilians for the crime of taking tens of thousands of dollars from people in exchange for ensuring the recruitment of officer cadets at the War College. The facts, years ago, showed that the defendants, Fathers Ahmed F. And Hussam Z. And Hussein S. On the payment of large sums of money to the defendants, retired Major General of Public Security, Ahmed Al-Jamal and Rabih Shuaib, to help bring their children into the Military Academy in the 2016 session.

Ibrahim was not informed of the request to appear before the military court to testify in the case of the accused Al-Jamal

Despite the very slow pace of the file, the trial is still ongoing. However, the valuable catch did not come by more than an officer with the rank of major and a broker and a few officers. Today’s attention is directed to the session that will take place in the Military Court on the fourteenth of this month, and thus the summoning of the President of the Military Court for these officers opened the door for further investigation into a corruption case, especially as this may allow access to a greater number of those involved. However, the sources talked about a fear in the military court that some of the summons would not respond, especially General Kahwaji, who reportedly received advice from a religious authority not to appear before the military court. The sources explained that the aforementioned religious authority is Bkerke, and that Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai had asked the current army commander, General Joseph Aoun, not to pursue Qahwaji, “under the pretext of having backgrounds targeting the main sites of Maronites, as is the case with the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh.” The sources pointed out that President Michel Aoun insisted on pursuing everyone without exception, and that Hezbollah and the Amal movement informed those who reviewed them that they do not oppose the trial of all without any exceptions, and they will not object to any prosecution. The fear of the military court came because in the event that General Kahwaji failed to appear before the court and to seek refuge in the religious authority, others would act like him. Thus it will be difficult to launch a trial.

Prosecuting 8 officers … including the former army chief

The Public Prosecution Office of Discrimination and the First Investigating Judge in Beirut, acting Judge Charbel Abu Samra, charged eight commanding officers under the Illicit Enrichment Law, in a separate file from the corruption file in the War College. The defendant officers are the former army commander Jean Kahwaji, his office director Brigadier General Muhammad al-Husseini, former intelligence directors Kamil Daher and Edmond Fadel, the former Beirut intelligence branch chief Brigadier General George Khamis, the head of the North Intelligence Branch Brigadier General Amer al-Hassan, Major General Abdul Rahman Shehitli, and the retired major in security General Ahmed El-Gamal. This allegation was based on accusations against the officers that were mentioned in media reports, in addition to what was mentioned by former minister Wiam Wahhab in a TV interview, talking about bank accounts worth millions of dollars. The prosecution also relied on a report submitted by lawyer Wadih Aql, who included information about corruption in which the aforementioned were involved.

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