The fall of Muhammad Ramadan on stage arouses ridicule and clarity of the audience


The fall of Muhammad Ramadan on stage arouses ridicule and clarity of the audience

The shooting of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, who fell on the stage immediately upon his rise to receive his honor from the Dubai Festival of Dahfa, sparked widespread controversy through the social networking sites launched by the Egyptian actor again, despite the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate refusing to publish his news or pictures. And local newspapers.

Ramadan published a clip of his fall on the stage, to which he replies, “Trust in God. Only the child will collapse.” The video ends with raising his shoes in front of the screen.

Sarcasm or swelling

Many discussed on social media the moment Muhammad Ramadan fell on the stage in a different analysis between the mockery of the situation and the blow the actor suffered, who angered his fans after he published some pictures with Israeli figures at a concert in Dubai, with the Egyptian actor’s insistence not to apologize to the audience.

The Egyptian activist Wal Gunim confirmed that his comment on the fall of Muhammad Ramadan had been deleted from the latter’s official account, but Gunim re-posted the comment on his official Facebook page, and recommended Ramadan to abandon the nonsense.

Party in Palestine

Commenting on his followers on his Instagram page, Muhammad Ramadan announced that he is preparing for the party in Palestine soon, saying: “Preparations for the concert are underway in Palestine at the present time.”

Bet on honor

According to Al-Jazeera sources, Muhammad Ramadan, who was in Dubai for two weeks in honor of him at the “hospitality” party in Dubai, said that he hopes to return after being honored by Dubai to start resolving his recent crisis and make a decision to stop it until the union representative interrogates him.

But it seems that the decision to stop filming his series is still uncertain, even after the production company announced that it has not replaced him with another artist so far, but there is a plan not to show the work next Ramadan so as not to provoke an audience that turned against Ramadan. Singer. Israel.


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