The Egyptian President announces that Lebanon’s security and stability are under threat again


Cairo – The Voice of the Emirates

The Egyptian President announced Abdel Fattah Sisi That his country took the initiative from the first moment of the Beirut tragedy, based on its responsibilities towards its Arab brothers, to provide all forms of aid and assistance to Lebanon through an air bridge and another sea bridge to transport huge humanitarian and food aid to compensate Lebanon for what it lost from its strategic stockpile of necessary foodstuffs, where this support came to complement With the efforts of the Egyptian Field Hospital in Beirut, which provides medical services.

Sisi said via video conference at the second international conference to support LebanonWhich was organized by France and the United Nations, and with the participation of a number of heads of state and government, with the aim of mobilizing support for Lebanon from the international community in facing the repercussions of the Beirut port explosion. Egypt’s efforts extended to the participation of religious institutions in providing support to Lebanon, as Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Egyptian churches provided dozens of Tons of various food and medical aid were also sent, to contribute to the efforts to rehabilitate the buildings that were damaged by the explosion.

The Egyptian President stressed the importance of the international community fully standing by the brotherly Lebanese people in light of these difficult circumstances, calling on all Lebanese leaders to uphold Lebanon’s national interest, settle differences, and accelerate efforts to form an independent government capable of dealing with the current challenges and preserving the capabilities of the brotherly Lebanese people and unity His national fabric is to prevent entering into a vicious circle of successive crises, stressing that every Lebanese must realize the magnitude of the challenges facing his homeland and spare no effort to fulfill his duty, especially since Lebanon’s security and stability have become threatened again, as it has become necessary to distance Lebanon from the tensions and regional conflicts and focus Efforts to support and strengthen the Lebanese state’s institutions to enable it to fulfill its national responsibilities in achieving stability.

Al-Sisi pointed out that this conference represents a message to all Lebanese politicians that the international community is ready to support Lebanon as soon as a new government is formed with experience and integrity outside the logic of quotas and political alignment, which is a demand expressed by the various spectrums of the Lebanese people, affirming its sovereignty that there is no solution to the Lebanese crisis. Except by meeting the legitimate demands of the brotherly Lebanese people and restoring the confidence of the Arab and international community in order to allow the resumption of support for Lebanon and its transition from the stage of humanitarian support to the stage of economic support.

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