The artist, the murderer of her husband, collapses in court … and this is what she revealed about the crime


In a new development of her case, the Egyptian actress Abeer Baybars went into a frenzy during the last session to renew her detention before the opposition judge at the South Cairo Court in Zeinhom for the premeditated murder of her husband.Sources from the court revealed that the accused had stabbed her husband inside their home in Basateen with a broken bottle until he died during a quarrel between them. She was unable to control herself and cried in front of the judge.

She explained that the reason for her crying was that her husband came to her in a dream and was crying while he was bleeding.

She added, after spending 150 days pending the case, “I am mistaken and took my punishment, and I could not imagine the matter leading to murder.”

She continued that she carried out the crime by accident by planting a bottle in his chest, to be killed, after he slapped her on the face, so she could not control herself, lost her nerve and grabbed a bottle, after she broke her neck and then implanted it in his body, so he fell on the ground unconscious, and died as a result in the hospital, but she did not mean killers.

It is reported that the father of the murdered accused his daughter-in-law of planning the crime in advance, and that her talk about it as a result of a quarrel “purely slanderous”, and he asked: “How can there be a quarrel between them and she stabs him very easily without resisting her?”


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