Summary of the events of episode 40 of the series Aroos Beirut 2 and the most prominent situations of episode 41: How will Adam save his mother?


We are reviewing with you the events of Episode 40 of the Lebanese series Bride of Beirut 2, Season Two, in presenting new and interesting events that are also unexpected, especially after Sarah gifted a golden lighter to Adam, and she has his name along with his nickname Al-Daher as a gift on Valentine’s Day. For the first breakage of a heart in his life and other interesting events of the series and the expected events in the series Bride of Beirut Episode 41 Season Two, which we review the most important of them in points as follows:

The events of episode 40, the series Bride of Beirut 2

Khalil gives a beautiful bouquet of roses with a congratulatory card, to Manal and she almost throws off the roses, but she retreats, and Khalil is watching from afar, especially after Hady decided to formally associate with Abeer

Naya returns home and is surprised that Hadi has engaged and congratulates him, and goes to the room to prepare herself after Laila blames her for the delay, and Naya arrives with a letter with Manal’s address.

The Bride of Beirut series, episode 40

Laila talks with her children about the reason that Adel and his family will come for, which is as the father of Hadi’s fiancée, not for her, and he will bring his ex-wife with him.

Umm Abeer wonders why the meeting takes place in a traditional house and that the Hadi family is a traditional family who continue to live with each other, but Abeer tells her that Hady has a separate house.

Adam seeks to get his mother Amira out of the dilemma in which he fell into it and asks Imad to act in order to get his mother out of the police after she surrendered herself, and Imad promises him to do everything in his power so that his mother is not judged.

Date of showing the series Bride of Beirut

The series will be shown at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Cairo local time and ten o’clock in the evening in the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, eleven in the evening local time of the United Arab Emirates. And from Sunday to Thursday of every week, on the MBC4 channel, which shows the new episodes of the series Bride Beirut season two.


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