Son of Nadi El Sebaei: Nour El Sherif used to visit my father a lot to delve into the character … Video


Mohamed El Sebaei, son of the late Nadi El Sebaei, the true hero of the story of the series “I will not live in my father’s robes,” said that the late artist Nour El-Sharif, the hero of the series, used to visit his father a lot to get acquainted with him closely about the reality of Abdul Ghafour Al-Burai’s character, who will embody him during the episodes of the series and his life in his day and life The operation inside the scrap metal market in Tanta.

The son of Nadi al-Sebaei added, to “The Seventh Day,” that his father was a self-made self-made man, and began his career from the beginning, or as the son described him, “from under zero,” describing his father as a true example of a long struggle story.

Muhammad explained that the Sebaei Club was loved among the people, especially the workers, who loved him the most because of his proximity to them and his attachment to them, and he felt them because he was one of them and was uncomfortable and tired until it became a “myth of iron and scrap.” We continue our struggle. ”

Haji Nadi El Sebaei, one of the largest iron and scrap dealers, died in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the Al-Haddadin area of ​​Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, after suffering a severe health problem.

Haji Nadi El Sebaei is the true hero, Abdel Ghafour Al-Burai, who was portrayed by the late artist Nour Al-Sharif in the series I will not live in the robes of my father.

Artist Nour al-Sharif met with Hajj Nadi al-Sebaei in his hometown of Tanta, to collect details about his life and his success story, which he in turn embodied in the episodes of the series.


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