Seizing the money of Al-Assad’s cousin


The Syrian Ministry of Finance issued a decision to seize the funds of the governor of Damascus countryside, Alaa Ibrahim and his wife, who is the cousin of President Bashar al-Assad, two days after the latter decided to dismiss the governor from his post.

Al-Assad issued a decree appointing Moataz Abu Al-Nasr Jamran as the new governor of the Damascus countryside governorate, following the dismissal of Ibrahim, who hails from the coastal countryside of Jableh and is the son of a former officer and the husband of Reem Naguib, daughter of Fatima Makhlouf, the younger sister of Anisa Makhlouf, the mother of Assad. Reem is the sister of Brigadier General Atef Najeeb, who was head of the Political Security Branch in Daraa at the beginning of 2011.

Yesterday, the head of the regime issued a decision to exempt engineer Alaa Munir Ibrahim from his duty as governor of Damascus Countryside Governorate. Where he was appointed in 2016, which is known for his frequent appearances on the regime’s media, to appoint “Jamran”, who held graduating positions in Damascus electricity.

Source: Middle East


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