Saudi Arabia provides one million dollars in favor of the budget of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Saudi Arabia News


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated $ 1 million towards the budget of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The Kingdom’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Wasil, confirmed in a speech to the annual conference of the Commission today, the Kingdom’s continuous and continuous support for the work and programs of the Commission for the coming years.

He explained that the Kingdom has presented many international initiatives based on its current position as President of the G20 to limit global problems that may lead to destabilization of security and stability and then exacerbate humanitarian issues, including the initiative put forward by the Kingdom to the group and led to commitments of more than 21 billion US dollars to support efforts. To ensure that the Coronavirus vaccine reaches all parts of the world fairly.

Ambassador Al-Wasel stated that during the G20 summit, the Kingdom led efforts to reach an agreement to extend the initiative to suspend payments to debt service for another 6 months, and that a large number of low-income countries will benefit from it in facing economic and development challenges and avoiding humanitarian disasters, referring to the Kingdom’s role in contributing to facing the challenges that Facing the global environment and climate, which are fundamental causes leading to humanitarian disasters and causing global refugee and displacement crises, including the initiative to launch the National Program for the Carbon Circular Economy, which will contribute to preserving the global environment and climate.

He affirmed the Kingdom’s contribution to international efforts to help refugees by receiving more than a million of them, and providing them with free education and treatment opportunities, as well as putting in place many measures and procedures that contribute to their integration into society and guarantee them dignity of life, explaining that this year is full of challenges due to the spread of Corona The newcomer who caused a lot of humanitarian and economic hardship.

Ambassador Al-Wasil expressed his confidence that the Commission will be able to identify the areas of danger and challenges that threaten security and stability, and that it is fully capable of developing appropriate plans and policies to confront them. He called for concerted international efforts and burden-sharing to address the refugee crisis, and to address the root causes that exacerbated them from wars, famine, poverty and climate change.


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