Sana’a forces approach the outskirts of Ma’rib


Sana’a | With great support from the Ubaida tribes, Sanaa’s forces have advanced towards the northern suburb of the city of Marib for days, and are continuing to retake the remaining areas in the Ragwan district, west of the city, in parallel with almost daily ballistic strikes against the aggression coalition operations rooms in the Tadawan camp west of Ma’rib, confusing the leadership of « The Alliance »in Riyadh. This coincides with the intensive resumption of contacts between Sanaa and a large number of governorate sheikhs and notables, with the aim of sparing the city from fighting.During the past few days, the Sana’a forces made new progress on the ground west of the city of Ma’rib, where they managed to take control of the Umm al-Hanna area, near the Asdas area on the outskirts of Ragwan District, last Saturday. On Tuesday, it continued to advance to control, after violent battles fought with the forces loyal to the outgoing President, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, over the Al-Fateikha and Al-Ajouz districts northwest of the city of Marib, allowing the army and the “Popular Committees” to surround the Asdas center of Ragwan, and approach the headquarters of the actual aggression coalition Between the governorates of Ma’rib and Al-Jawf in the Tadaween area.
In parallel, the missile force affiliated with Sanaa launched a “Badr B” missile on Saturday at the “coalition” operations room in Tadawain camp. The official spokesperson for the army and the “committees”, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, stated that “the missile strike resulted in the death and injury of 15 leaders and soldiers of the Saudi enemy, including 8 dead, including leaders.” On the other hand, pro-Riyadh figures (media professionals and activists) admitted the killing of seven of the top Saudi leaders in the operation, namely: Brigadier Pilot Saeed Hamdan Al-Asmari, Colonel Abdullah Ayed Al-Buqami, Major Muhammad Saad Al-Mubarak, Captain Abdullah Saleh Al-Ghamdi, Khaled Aziz Al-Otaibi, and Mishari Musaed Al-Lihyani and Fahad Battah Al-Shammari. While Saudi planes launched a series of raids on the capital, Sanaa, and its environs, it was reported that an investigation committee had been formed into what was considered a “dangerous intelligence breach.” According to sources close to Hadi forces in Marib, a Saudi military committee arrived on Monday to the governorate, and directed the arrest of all the military leaders loyal to Hadi who were present in the camp before and during the missile targeting, and refer them for investigation.

Saudi Arabia augmented the pro-Hadi forces with new shipments of weapons and materiel

While a video clip was circulated showing the missile used in the attack on Tadawin, a military source in the Air Force in Sana’a told Al-Akhbar that “the missile used is one of the locally-made Badr system, and is characterized by precise destructive effectiveness, and has proven its operational accuracy. In achieving the goals during maneuvers and qualitative operations, ”adding that“ this type of missile entered service early last year, and it has an explosive warhead that carries thousands of shrapnel covering about 350 meters in a circular motion, and it detonates 25 meters before reaching the ground. ”
And in the east of the city of Ma’rib, tribal sources reported, “Al-Akhbar”, that the forces of Sana’a were able to fully control the areas of Nakhla, between the city of Ma’rib and the Directorate of Sirwah, and succeeded in transferring the battle with Hadi’s forces to the areas of Al-Sahil, north of the city of Ma’rib. The sources indicated that “the confrontations took place during the past hours in the areas of Wadi Raa, Al-Jufina, Al-Tala Al-Hamra, Bir-Ubaid, Al-Faw farms, and Tabat Al-Khazzan, located within the Al-Suhail area, close to the Aydat Al-Ra’a area located in the northern suburbs of the city of Ma’rib, within the areas of the Ubaidah tribe.” According to the sources, “the course of the battle confirms that the army and the popular committees are advancing towards the outskirts of the city of Ma’rib from the western and northern directions slowly for days.” She attributed this to the fact that “the choice of storming the city of Ma’rib by the Sana’a forces, despite its great military advance to the outskirts of the city, is still the last option it pursues in resolving the battle so far, and there are intensive attempts to spare the city and its environs.”
In this context, informed sources reveal that a large tribal delegation arrived in the capital, Sana’a, in the middle of this week, in an attempt to stop the military advance towards the city and reach a peace agreement. The sources pointed out that «there is great welcome by the tribes of Ma’rib and some leaders of the local authority in the governorate of the initiative of the leader of Ansar Allah Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, which he presented last April to spare Marib destruction and bloodshed, adding that« Saudi Arabia still rejects any consensual solutions » . After it withdrew heavy military equipment from Marib during the last period, the pro-Hadi forces have strengthened over the past two days with new shipments of weapons and medium and light equipment.
The forces of Sana’a had paved the way to the northern gate of Ma’rib by making great progress on the ground on the fronts in the east of the city. During the first weeks of last September, it took control of the asphalt line located within the district of Medghal in the regions of Al-Jadaan and Mount Nabin, reaching Saila Al-Khawlani, north of the city of Ma’rib. At the end of the same month, it managed, after violent battles, to take control of the strategic package area and the strategic Jabal Dash al-Khashab overlooking the city, to complete over the past few days securing Nakhla and al-Sahil, and transferring the contact areas to the Red Tale and the Iidat al-Ra’a, which Hadi forces tried to build a new line. Where to defend the city of Ma’rib.

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