Samsung has stopped production of the famous “Galaxy Note” phones!


Press reports revealed that the South Korean company, Samsung, may stop production of its popular “Galaxy Note” series of phones next year.
According to the “Arab Gate for Technical News” website, this step reflects the sharp decline in demand for advanced smartphones due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Galaxy Note series, known for its large screen and note-taking pen, is one of two distinct Samsung phone series.

Samsung does not currently have plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note phones for 2021.Instead, the top specification model of the “Galaxy S21” series comes with a stylus – which is sold separately – and the next version of Samsung’s foldable phone will be compatible with the stylus.

The company’s development efforts – which would normally have been directed at the Galaxy Note – are directed at its foldable phones.

“Sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note series are expected to decrease by five to 8 million units this year, while sales of the Galaxy S series are likely to decrease by 5 million to less,” said Tom Kang, analyst at Counterpoint. From 30 million. “”The demand for flagship phones has decreased this year and many people are not looking for new products,” he added.

“Galaxy Note 20” was launched in the United States this year at a price of $ 999, on par with the “Galaxy S20”, while “iPhone 12” starts at $ 799.

Samsung launched the first “Galaxy Note” phone in 2011, opening new horizons in the market for large-screen models, and helping it bypass “Apple” to become the world’s largest smartphone maker for the first time that year.

Reports about the end of the “Galaxy Note” may be exaggerated or premature, as it was mostly based on rumors that the “Galaxy S21”, and especially the “Galaxy S21 Ultra”, would acquire the only feature that distinguishes the two products from each other.

And other reports confirm that there will still be a “Galaxy Note” next year, but Samsung will launch only one model.

The idea seems to be to reduce the focus on the following “Galaxy Note” phones during the “Unpacked” event and to move existing users to the “Galaxy S” and “Galaxy Z” phones.

If this strategy works as intended, Samsung will likely halt the Galaxy Note lineup in 2022.

Source: Arab portal for technical news


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